My Payroll

Easy 24/7 Payroll Access

You can perform a variety of payroll inquiries and get updates at any time via the Internet or phone. Effective from 9/30/05, all pay advices are accessible only through the secure ePayroll online or phone services. Paper advices are no longer sent through the mail.

How Do I Access ePayroll?

First time users are advised to access the "ePayroll User Guide" and attend a "Paycard Orientation" - see below.

What Are the Benefits?

The new ePayroll Services enable you to:

How Do I Learn More?


Contact your local Spherion office or call 1-800-951-3729.

Please note

Every Spherion employee will have access to all six ePayroll services initially. As of January 1, 2006, only employees on direct deposit or paycard will be able to access their pay advice online or over the phone through this 24/7 service. If you get paid by check, you can take advantage of the full menu of ePayroll services by simply switching over to one of our electronic pay options.